30 Days Wild-Day 10

With a very high pollen count again it is a day to stay indoors and prepare for my return to work tomorrow after my annual 4-month break. I plan to watch the French Open Men’s tennis final and contemplate how I am going to connect with nature to continue my 30-Days Wild challenge.

From where I sit I can hear the birds chirping in the trees and in the hazy-rays small insects are hovering over the pond. A butterfly has just fluttered by and landed on the grass (or maybe a dandelion :O)

I will be working away from home this coming week and I fly up to Glasgow early tomorrow morning. I always treat myself to a new book to read when away and this time it is the turn of one of my favourites, Alice in Wonderland. The version which will keep me entertained during my down-time is  “The Annotated Alice” by Martin Gardner. This version of Lewis Carroll’s work is three years older than me yet I have never read it.

I’m looking forward to discovering more about Alice and her literary companions over the coming week and hunting around Glasgow City Centre for “real” nature.

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