30 Days Wild-Day 7

Another week flashes by in a whirl and Day 7 of the 30 Day Wild challenge is almost over.

Not wanting to aggravate my Hay Fever I went out in the car today (it has a pollen filter) and drove through the countryside in the lovely sunshine. Just outside the village, the cows were lying down in the fields and my first thought was that it was sure to rain soon according to the Old Wive’s Tale but of course there is plenty of scepticism about this belief and it certainly hasn’t rained today!

I then remembered that before we went on holiday, we found out that some of our neighbours have reinstated a Milkman to avoid buying milk in plastic containers and instead now have milk brought to them in glass bottles.  Initially I thought that this must be more environmentally friendly and have less impact on our landfill but, looking into it a bit further, it may not be as beneficial as I first thought.

There are a number of things to consider if you are thinking of swapping plastic milk containers to glass milk bottles for environmental reasons; How many times the bottle can be reused, the number of deliveries per week (carbon footprint) and the chemicals used to wash and sterilise the bottles.

It may be that a compromise can be reached so that milk is sold in recycled/recyclable materials other than glass. I’m not convinced that changing our milk-buying habits will make any difference so until I can be convinced otherwise, it is business as usual.

On a slightly different subject……who remembers getting their school milk in these triangular packets or……


these cute child-size bottles?

mini milk bottle


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