30 Days Wild-Day 6

I have always loved nature and the natural world. I grew up in the country and my favourite lessons at Primary School were the nature walks when we walked two-by-two around the village learning the names of the wild flowers with great names; Vetch, Old Man’s Beard, Celandines, Deadly Nightshade, Cuckoo Pint and Rosebay Willow Herb to name but a few.

Most of my Christmas and Birthday presents were books about nature and I still have a set of the little Observer books which I have kept.

It is very sad and annoying therefore that I have been kept indoors today by the very high grass pollen count and have been unable to venture outdoors to appreciate my wildlife garden or nearby countryside. This is the unfortunate side of nature and one I have never come to terms with in all the 50 years I have suffered with severe hay fever. Perhaps if I had been more of an indoors person I would have accepted its restrictions and awful symptoms more readily but it still angers me when I am confined indoors.

Being more positive however, SpringWatch was great to see, the Curious Animals quiz was interesting.  I still managed to watch the birds on the feeding platform. The clematis and ceanothus in the garden are still looking gorgeous but hubster has mowed the lawn and beheaded the daisies and dandelions.

I will be in Scotland next week where it is cooler and has a lower pollen count. Hopefully I will be able to go out and discover some wildlife and enjoy being outdoors again.

In the meantime I’m praying for rain!





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