30 Days Wild-Day 5

Oops! So preoccupied I was with a craft project that I totally forgot to Blog Day 5 of the 30 Day Wild challenge yesterday.

There were two nature highlights for me on Day 5; The first one was early morning when I opened the bedroom curtains and saw a thrush on our drive busily smashing a snail against the tarmac to get to his breakfast. I used to see this a lot when I was young but haven’t seen this for many years mainly due to a lack of thrushes so it’s great to see one back in our garden.  In addition later in the day he sat on next door’s shed and treated us to a song. His voice is noticeably stronger than any of the birds in the nearby gardens and he happily warbled away for twenty minutes.

Secondly, I sat and watched Starling parents feeding their young with the mealworms I had thrown onto the feeding platform. One youngster in particular was squawking for food, mouth wide open and begging from every adult there. Clearly the young are cared for by the extended family and not reliant on parental care only.

We named this greedy bird Clarice.

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