30 Days Wild-Day 2

Earlier today I saw a big, black thundery-looking cloud approaching so I did a quick circuit of the garden to see if there were any creatures out and about before the inevitable downpour. Almost immediately I found these;

When I first spotted (no pun intended) different patterned and multi-coloured ladybirds a couple of years ago I thought they were very pretty not realising that appearances can be very deceptive. Apparently, they were Harlequin ladybirds, a non-native species, who are rapidly displacing our very own native ladybird.

During the summer therefore, one of my challenges will be to find a native UK ladybird as the ones in my garden are definitely invaders and not welcome here however pretty they may be.

Did you know that snails have lips? Neither did I until I tried to identify the snail hiding at the very top of my small pussy-willow tree. However, instead of looking for lips around the mouth area, I read that the lip refers to the outside edge of the snail’s shell. This snail has a brown lip on the outside edge of its shell and therefore I conclude that it is a Brown-lipped snail!

You learn something new every day!

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