Random acts of Wildness

Two years ago I gave up part of my garden to the benefit of local wildlife. I have never regretted my decision and have really enjoyed constructing an area to encourage birds, hedgehogs, frogs, butterflies and bees, just a few of my visitors.

I am a big fan of recycling and my garden has cost me very little as I have obtained or made most of my features from donated items. It’s amazing what people give away and my birds and animals are appreciative beneficiaries of their generosity.

Hopefully my efforts and experiences will encourage you to do the same and make an area of your garden wildlife friendly.

This month I joined the Wildlife Trust’s project “30DaysWild” so I will be undertaking Random Acts of Wildness during the 30 days of June, monitoring my efforts on a calendar and sharing my experiences in this Blog. This may only last the initial 30 days but I intend to keep a comprehensive account of what I do to help our wildlife survive and thrive in our garden.

Every little helps and according to the Wildlife Trust “All our lives are better if they’re a bit wild!”

IMG_4245 (1)

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