30 Days Wild-Day 1

June is the perfect month to become a wildlife hero and carry out some random acts of wildness (RAoW). There are 101 RAoW listed on the Wildlife Trust’s website and not all of them are time consuming or require you to be too energetic. As well as the more proactive projects, the lovely part of this challenge is that it encourages you to enjoy and appreciate nature and feel part of your environment. Hopefully with the longer and warmer days, it is easier to relax and appreciate our surroundings.

I often sit in my wildlife garden with a book and listen to the birds singing away. They fly in and feed on the food I have left out for them and at this time of year it is quite common to see adult birds feed their fledglings which really makes my heart sing!

Some more relaxing ideas include things like making a daisy chain, walking barefoot in the grass, wear a flower in your hair or climb a tree. Anything which encourages you to engage with your surroundings and slow down.

My RAoW today was to fetch a couple of items going free for our wildlife garden. I had to rope hubster in as the bird table was supposedly (and actually) very heavy and it took the two of us to load it into the car. We were also offered a water feature which is perfect for the birds and hedgehogs to drink from in this warm weather and so that too went into the boot.

Not bad for Day 1!

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